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Volume 30, Number 03

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Noninvasive Neurostimulation Techniques: Their Potential to Improve Sleep and Memory
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

Down Syndrome, Sleep and Associated Disorders: Discussion Across the Life Span
经过Robyn Woidtke, MSN, RN, RPSGT, CCSH, FAAST

Sleep Challenges in Alaska: Winter Versus Summer
经过kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT

教育儿童和青少年关于睡眠卫生的重要性beplay ued客户端
kArla J. Thompson,BA,RPSGT,CCSH


Volume 30, Number 02

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The Role of CPAP in Treating Respiratory Distress in Patients With COVID-19
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

Creating Your Post-Pandemic Operating Budget
经过kimberly Trotter, MA, RPSGT, FAAST

经过Marietta B. Bibbs, BA, RPSGT, CCSH, FAAST

COVID-19 and School Start Times
经过Hannah Durnas

Q1 2021封面

Volume 30, Number 01

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Trauma Associated Sleep Disorder: How PTSD Patients Might Be Suffering From This New, Proposed Parasomnia
经过kate Jacobson

Parasomnia Overlap Disorder
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

Sleep Related Eating Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options
经过kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT

Compliance Corner: Mitigating a Workplace Violence Program During a Pandemic
经过Laura Linley, CRT, RPSGT, FAAST

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Volume 29, Number 04

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经过Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT, CCSH

Multilevel Upper Airway Surgery for OSA
Regina Patrick,RPSGT

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Stroke
经过Monica Roselli

Virtual Meeting Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts
经过Dottie Covey-Elleby, BS, RPSGT


Volume 29, Number 03

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经过Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH

Regina Patrick,RPSGT

Sports and Sleep: A Q&A with Authors Pat and Suzanne Byrne
经过Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, RST, CCSH: and Monica Roselli

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Volume 29, Number 02

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Reopening of Sleep Centers and Clinics: What You Need to Know
经过kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT

Narcolepsy-Cataplexy and Precocious Puberty May Be Linked
Regina Patrick,RPSGT

Redeployment from the Frontlines: One Sleep Technologist's Experience During COVID-19
经过kate Jacobson

Peeking into the Mind's Eye: Electrooculography in Text
经过Reg Hackshaw, EdD


Volume 29, Number 01

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Professionalism in the Sleep Field
经过kate Jacobson

What's New in Central Sleep Apnea: Phrenic Nerve Stimulation
经过Seamus Jackson and Cindy Crosby, MS, MBA, RPSGT

Experts Discuss Phrenic Nerve Stimulation forPatients with Central Sleep Apnea
经过UCHealth North

The Paradox of a Pair of Docs: The Sleep-Dental Connection
由Angela Tithholder,DMD,FAACP,DABCDSM

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Volume 28, Number 04

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The Unique Sleep Needs of Women
由Andrea Ramberg,RPSGT,CCSH和Alex Perkins

Axonal Degeneration in Soft Palate Nerves May Contribute to Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

Pediatric Sleep Problems
经过Joseph Anderson, RPFT, CRT-NPS, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

经过Matthew Anastasi, RPSGT, BS, RST


Volume 28, Number 03

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经过Joseph Anderson, RPSGT, CCSH, RST, RPFT, CRT-NPS

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome May Be Linked
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

经过Peter Mansbach, Ph.D.

经过Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

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Volume 28, Number 02

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Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers in Children With OSA
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

经过Shana Hansen, Lt. Col., USAF, MC, and Shannon N. Foster, Major, USA, MC

The Start School Later Movement: Putting Sleep Health on the National Radar
Terra Ziporyn Snider博士

杰西卡·施密特(Jessica Schmidt),马萨诸塞州,法奇(Fache),rpsgt,CCSH和丽塔·布鲁克斯(Rita Brooks),Med,RPSGT,Rbeplay2020网站登录EEG/EPT,FAAST


Volume 28, Number 1

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Possible Link Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sense of Smell
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST

Using CBTI Techniques to Ease Insomnia During Sleep Testing
由医学博士布兰登·彼得斯(Brandon R. Peters)

Be a Great Leader by Using Great Communication
经过kristina Weaver, RPSGT

Emerging Technology History in Sleep: The Evolution, Part II

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Volume 27, Number 4

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Chasing the Dream – Getting to the Next Level (of Sleep) in the Minor Leagues
经过Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

The Changing Face of Sleep Technology: Part IV
经过kent Caylor, RPSGT

The Role of the CCSH to Improve Sleep in Patients With Insomnia
经过kathryn Hansen, BS, CPC, CPMA, REEGT

Leveraging Social Media to Fill Beds at Your Center
经过Gerald George Mannikarote, MBBS, MBA, RPSGT


Volume 27, Number 3

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经过Alexa Schlosser

The Changing Face of Sleep Technology, Part III
经过kent Caylor, RPSGT

Hypersomnolence at Sea, Part I
经过Reg Hackshaw, EdD

如何充分利用AAST 2018年度会议beplay2020网站登录
经过Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH

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Volume 27, Number 2

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Garbage In, Garbage Out: Shining a New Light on a Major Discovery on Waste Management in the Sleeping Brain
经过Brendan Duffy, CCSH, RPSGT

经过Gerald George Mannikarote, MBBS, MBA, RPSGT

The Changing Face of Sleep Technology, Part II
经过kent Caylor, RPSGT

Problems of Using Actigraphy in People with Parkinson's Disease
Regina Patrick,RPSGT, RST


Volume 27, Number 1

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约瑟夫·W·安德森(Joseph W.

The Changing Face of Sleep Technology: Part I
经过kent Caylor, RPSGT

The Sleep Navigator
经过kristina Weaver, RPSGT

Insuffcient Sleep and the Dancing Plague of 1518: Part II
经过Reg Hackshaw, EDD


Volume 26, Number 4

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Sleep Trackers: From Simple Actigraphy to Smart Watches, What Advice Can We Give?经过Rui de Sousa

25 Ways to Be a Sleep Health Activist经过Tamara Sellman

A Blood Test for Sleep Apnea?经过Regina Patrick

Insufficient Sleep and the Dancing Plague of 1518经过Reg Hackshaw


Volume 26, Number 3

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面对未来经过Laura Linley

Obtaining Insurance Authorization and Minimizing Denials经过Eva Lisa Alegria

经过Rui de Sousa

The Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Patients Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury
经过Crystal Trotter-Berkley and Mary Ellen Wells

Measuring Quality of Life in Children with Narcolepsy由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

Volume 26, Number 2

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Oral Airway Dysfunction and Sleep Disorders in Children经过Rochelle Zozula

Old School Naps Getting Revamped for Athletes布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

CPAP Treatment May Reduce Episodes of Nocturia由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

Nursing and the Field of Sleep Health: An OFT Forgotten Partnership—New Opportunities and Recommendations For Action For the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST)作者Robyn Woidtke

Service Animals: What We Need to Know经过Rui de Sousa

knowledge is Power. Let's Educate!经过Laree Fordyce

Volume 26, Number 1

Residual Sleepiness in OSA: Possible Factors由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

Full-Face Masks: A Full Can of Worms汤姆·罗素(Thom Russell)

Educating About "Orderly Sleep" is as Important as Educating About Sleep Disorders布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

Comparison of CPAP Versus APAP克里斯尔·米科夫(Krysle Minkoff)

If the Eyes Have It, You may Have It...OSA That Is!布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

新的睡眠小工具:哪些技术人员需要知道经过Tamara Sellman

Volume 25, Number 4

The Impact of Diet on Sleep Quality由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

An Interview with Terry Cralle, RN布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

Dreaming and Encounters with the Alternate Self (Part III)经过Reg Hackshaw

Comparison of HSAT versus PSG经过krystle Minkoff

Dercum's Disease - Painfully Different经过Joanne Hebding

Sleep: The Evoloution of Sleep Medicine in Neurology (Part One)经过krystle Minkoff

在月光下与丽莎·恩迪(Lisa Endee)

Volume 25, Number 3

Restless Legs Syndrome and Diabetes由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

The Credential Exam: Don't Sweat It...Nail It!作者:Terrance Malloy

An Open Letter to Local School Board布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

不要忽视州和地区睡眠社会的价值经过Tamara Kaye Sellman

A Primer For Using Root Cause Analysis克里斯托弗·霍普(Christopher Hope)

Should Sleep Technologists Be Reading Clinical Research Studies?经过Tamara Kaye Sellman

The Basics of Charting:
Best Practices in Patient Care经过Lisa Bond

Volume 25, Number 2

Melatonin and Allergy由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)

Finding That One Perfect Mask: Or Maybe Not经过Lisa Bond

How To Make The Most Of Sleep Conference Meetings经过Tamara Sellman

Sleep Educator Opportunities - It's a Revolution布伦丹·达菲(Brendan Duffy)

A Technologist's Introduction to Sleep Telemedicine经过Tamara Sellman

梦见和与替代自我相遇(第2部分)经过Reg Hackshaw

Volume 25, Number 1

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Atrial Fibrillation by Regina Patrick
Are All Policy and Procedure Manuals Created Equal? by Tamara Sellman
Dealing With The Deaf Patient In The Sleep Center by Lisa M. Bond
“Normal” Sleep Across The Ages: A Comparative Study of Sleep in Three Contemporary Pre-industrial Societies by Rui de Sousa
Dreaming and Encounters with The Alternate Self (Part I) by Reg Hackshaw
丽塔·布鲁克斯(Rita Broobeplay2020网站登录ks)的AAST教育工作组的最新信息
A Call To Action For Sleep Medicine Education by Auburne Hutchins and Mary Ellen Wells
CMS Establishes a DME Prior Authorization Program by Carolyn Winter-Rosenberg

Volume 24, Number 4

Sleep Hygiene For Nightwalkers by Tamara Sellman
里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停和抑郁症
Oregon Polysomnography Licensure Law by Erica Kennett
Billing Codes For Sleep Technologists Providing Patient Education by Carolyn Winter-Rosenberg
Somnophilia不是Reg Hackshaw的睡眠障碍
What is IONM and is it Right For Me? by Jacquelyn Polito
在月光下: Q&A with Thomas H. Arrington "Massey" RPSGT, MBA, RST, CCSH

Volume 24, Number 3

The Nasopharyngeal Tube and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment by Regina Patrick
Rui de Sousa的HIPAA和社交媒体如何平衡
Trends in Sleep Medicine: AASM Initiatives to Strengthen The Sleep Field by Nathaniel F. Watson
大数据的承诺:需要研究为Susan Redline的睡眠呼吸暂停患者提供价值
Sonia A. Smith的“可爱”传染性:睡眠中心儿科患者的感染控制注意事项
睡眠中心和牙科练习可以共同努力治疗凯瑟琳·贝内特(Kathleen Bennett)的睡眠呼吸暂停患者
在月光下: Q&A with Steven Lenik, BS, RCP, RPSGT, RST, CCSH

卷。24, Number 2

Upper Airway Stimulation: A New Approach in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Regina Patrick
Laree Fordyce的儿科睡眠和评分的基础知识
Working with Payers – Smartly by Carolyn C. Campo
Infection Control in the Sleep Lab by Laura Linley
Standardized Quality Measures for Sleep Disorders: A Huge Step in the Right Direction by Richard S. Rosenberg
The Best Bang for your Buck: Review of State and Regional Sleep Societies by Joanne Hebding and Brendan Duffy
在月光下- Joel Porquez

卷。24, Number 1

Advances in Sleep Technology by Emerson Kerr
AAS Degree in Polysomnographic Technology at Minneapolis Community and Technical College by Danielle Swenson
如何为乔安妮·赫布丁(Joanne Hebding)准备和利用行业会议
Online Learning Opportunities in Polysomnography by Donald S. Cucuzzella
Life in a Sleep Practice: Which Bucket do You Fit Into Now and is There a Bucket For The Future? by Robyn Woidtke
简·富特(Jane Foote)在州立大学的医疗保健领导力和管理
Auburne Deming和Mary Ellen Wells为您的教育提供资金
在线学位:Mary Kay Hobby的第一人称帐户
Revisiting the 2013 AAST Summit by Rita Brooks

卷。23, Number 4

CPAP Treatment May Reduce OSA-Related Brain Changes by Regina Patrick
New DOT Guidelines For Commercial Drivers by Penny Grunder
Developing an Employer Sleep Wellness Program by Janice East
Life as a Research Sleep Technologist by Jonathan Varbel
弗雷德·伯班克(Fred Burbank)为RLS患者的放松垫
在月光下 - 伊万·萨利纳斯

卷。23, Number 3

AAST 36th Annual Meeting Highlights by Laura Linley
教育是Auburne Overton的职业未来的关键
Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Worsen Symptom Control
in People With Hypertension and Asthma by Regina Patrick
Sleep Technology and Patient Engagement: Using Health Information
Technology to Engage Patients and Improve Sleep Health Outcomes by Mark D. Eley
Workplace Effects of Sleep-Disordered Breathing by Laree Fordyce
丽莎·M·邦德(Lisa M. Bond)对睡眠和相关事件的评分更新
The Current and Future Role of Telemedicine in Sleep Technology by
The Future of Sleep Technology: Report from an American Association
丽塔·布鲁克斯(Rita Brooks)和梅琳达(Melinda)Trimble的睡眠技术人员峰会会议
在月光下- Shalanda Mitchell

卷。23, Number 2

Little Known Factors that Contribute to Enuresis by Regina Patrick
Implementing a PAP Follow-up Program by Kevin Asp
HST on the Rise by Joanne Hebding
通过实施劳拉·林利(Laura Linley)的护理和成果管理过程来保持睡眠医学相关
美国睡眠医学学会跨绩效可靠性计划:理查德·罗森伯格(Richard S. Rosenberg)和史蒂文·范·霍特(Steven Van Hout)
Introduction to the Sleep Apnea Patient Centered Outcomes Network by Pamela Minkley
在月光下- Don Fahy

卷。23, Number 1

CPAP May Improve Asthma Control by Regina Patrick
Find Their Pain and Offer a Solution by Pamela Minkley
The Future of Sleep Technology: Next Steps by Rita Brooks
经理办公桌:美国睡眠医学学院的经常询问有关睡眠编码的问题beplay ued客户端
Alternobaric Vertigo in a Patient on Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Associated Comorbidities by Mark D. Eley
在月光下- William Eckhardt

卷。22, Number 4

beplay2020网站登录丽塔·布鲁克斯(Rita Brooks)的Aast睡眠技术峰会亮点
The Neurochemistry of Sleep Paralysis by Regina Patrick
Enhancing Health Literacy and Patient Communication
在睡眠中心环境中,马克·D·埃利(Mark D. Eley)
Outbound and Inbound Marketing in Your Sleep Center by Kevin Asp and Laura Linley
Commentary: Out of Center Sleep Testing by Laree Fordyce
Sleep Technologists Educational Needs Assessment by Mary Ellen Wells and Bradley V. Vaughn
Prognosticating the Future of Sleep Technologists by Douglas Kirsch
在月光下 - 苏珊·奥纳尔(Susan O'Nale)

卷。22, Number 3

Zolpidem和Regina Patrick的记忆
Reducing Healthcare Disparities in the Sleep Center by Mark D. Eley
Networking: A Key to Open Career Development by Joanne Hebding
Are You Sure You Don't Have Sleep Apnea? by Richard S. Rosenberg
Oral Appliance Therapy: A New Perspcetive by Laree Fordyce
在月光下- Dawn Clayton

卷。22, Number 2

Wavelengths of Light and Their Impact on Sleep by Regina Patrick
Oral Appliance Compliance Measurement by Richard A. Bonato
Attitudes and Expectations: Psychological
Components of Treating Sleep Apnea by Tracy R. Nasca
Technical Corner: Central Hypopneas – A New Perspective? by Richard S. Rosenberg
见面还是不见面?那不是Laree Fordyce的问题
在月光下- Christin Day

卷。22, Number 1

里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的睡眠呼吸和糖尿病性视网膜病变
It's All in The Genes by Joanne Hebding
Patient and Individual Safety in the Sleep Center: A Physical
和Mark D. Eley的信息技术观点
Legal Notes: The Impact of Out of Center Sleep Testing by Jayme R. Matchinski
Technical Corner: The Evolving Definition of Hypopnea: Desaturations,
Arousals, Both or Either? by Richard S. Rosenberg
“Why did my CPAP beat me Up?” bilateral Periorbital Ecchymosis
在月光下- Nisar Ashraf

卷。21, Number 4

里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的糖尿病和阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停
Cloud Computing by Joanne Hebding
罗宾·高盛(Robin Goldman)技术角落的儿科患者的挑战:理查德·罗森伯格(Richard S. Rosenberg)难以捉摸的睡眠时刻
Manager's Desk: Beating the 80-20 Rule for Better
Sleep Lab Management by Jacquelyn Polito
在月光下 - 拉蒙·拉基(Ramon Laqui)

卷。21, Number 3

卫生信息学和睡眠技术教授sion by Mark D. Eley
Provent for OSA: A Treatment that Sticks by Kimberly Trotter
Case Study: Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome by Joanne Hebding
Technical Corner: Why is it so Hard to Stage Score
Recordings With Frequent Apnea? by Richard S. Rosenberg
患者的观点:Tracy R. NASCA的CPAP合规技巧
在月光下 - 艾伦·布恩

卷。21, Number 2

里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的β受体阻滞剂药物和睡眠障碍
Channels during CPAP Titration by Adam Foreman, Philip Alapat and Lata Castur
Profitability Part One: PAP-NAP by Brian Merritt
to “Improve Patient Outcomes while Sustaining Profitability Part One: PAP-NAP
Case Study: ASV Titration by Joanne Hebding
Technical Corner: Determining Rise Time and Other PAP Device Settings
in Relation to the Patient's Respiratory Cycle and Pathophysiology by Will Eckhardt
评论:Brant Steffes的家庭睡眠测试注意事项
在月光下- Gena Seville

卷。21, Number 1

CPAP Treatment and Stroke Rehabilitation by Regina Patrick
Sleep Center Database Management by Mark D. Eley
Home Sleep Testing Revisited by Richard A. Bonato
Technical Corner: Ask Dr. Jim and Tracy by James C. O’Brien and Tracy R. Nasca
乔什·亚历山大(Josh Alexander)的员工培训和发展
Better Sleep Hygiene for Weary Women by Jacquelyn Polito
Principles of Conducting Quality Research by Jagraj Singh Dhaliwal
A Historical Context For Declassified Government Research
Involving 'Alpha Wave Induction' Between Identical Twins by Reg Hackshaw
在月光下- Clarinda Sachaschik


Free-Running Rhythm in Sighted People by Regina Patrick
Patient Care Practices Following Lights On by Anglee Leviner
Case Study: Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Oral Appliance by Joanne Hebding
Technical Corner: What Sleep Technologists Should Know
About Oral Appliances by Richard A. Bonato and Allen J. Moses
Manager's Desk: Effective Communication in Difficult Conversations by Jacquelyn Polito
Thirty Years of CPAP Therapy by Wayne Peacock
The Societal Burden of Sleep Deprivation and Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea by Samuel Sealy
在月光下- Brant Steffes


Long-Term Opioid Drug Treatment and Sleep Disordered Breathing by Regina Patrick
Case Study: Complex Sleep Apnea by Joanne Hebding
An Unusual Artifact in Polysomnography During PAP Titration by Rajesh P. Poothrikovil
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Technical Corner: Understanding RIP Effort Waveforms by Richard Swanson
Legal Notes: Medical Equipment Contracts and Transfer of Ownership by Jayme R. Matchinski
在月光下- Deborah Mansfield


里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停和镰状细胞病
Case Study: Loud Snoring, Dream Enactment and Daytime Sleepiness by Joanne Hebding
Scoring Center: Differentiating between Hypersynchronous
Theta and Seizure Activity by Rachel Mouton
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Technical Corner: Requirements and Techniques for
Cleaning Equipment in the Sleep Lab by Mary Kay Hobby
Ask Dr. Jim and Tracy by James C. O’Brien and Tracy R. Nasca


Recent Findings in Kleine-Levin Syndrome by Regina Patrick
Progression of Neuromuscular Disorders and
Sleep-Related Dysfunction by Mary Ellen Wells
利用上下两层的疗法Non-Complian“救援”t CPAP Patients by Denise Hartsell
韦恩·孔雀(Wayne Peacock)在睡眠中心的紧急协议和文档
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Equipment Clean in the Sleep Lab by Mary Jones-Parker
在月光下- Susan Keller Yenney

卷。19, Number 4

Sleep Center Case Study by Carolyn C. Campo
Regina Patrick的阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停和牙周炎
理查德·斯旺森(Richard Swanson)的热电偶和热敏电阻
about Children and Sleep by Judith A. Owens and Christopher J. Gable
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Technical Corner: Understanding Pulse Oximetry by Mary Jones-Parker
在月光下- Louie Scalise

卷。19, Number 3

Possible Neuronal Loss with Insomnia by Regina Patrick
一氧化氮、阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停和人工智能rway Inflammation by Mohammed Quadri
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Manager's Desk: Risk Management Strategy and Techniques for Sleep Facilities by Duwayne Barrett
Technical Corner: AASM Scoring Manual Frequently Asked Questions – Continued
患者的观点:Tracy R. Nasca和James C. O'Brien的A,B,C的PAP
在月光下- Elise Maher

卷。19, Number 2

OSA-Related Neuronal Changes in the Pediatric Brain by Regina Patrick
Sleep Disorders and Menopause by Mohammed Quadri
芭芭拉·理查德(Barbara Richard)的阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停和2型糖尿病
in the Sleep Technologist by Kathy F. Spurr and Robert W. Gilbert
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Technical Corner: Digital Display Resolution by Mary Jones-Parker
在月光下 - 金伯利猪

卷。19, Number 1

Apnea-Induced Hypoxia and Heart Failure by Regina Patrick
Sleep Disorders and Fibromyalgia by Mohammed Quadri
Enhancing Conventional Sleep Medicine with Herbal Supplements by Kent Caylor
AASM Scoring Manual Frequently Asked Questions – Continued
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Technical Corner: Low-Pass (High Frequency) Filters by Mary Ellen Wells

卷。18, Number 4

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Sleep Disorders by Regina Patrick
Insomnia in Adolescence by Mohammed Quadri
Epilepsy: The Night Thief by Mary Ellen Wells
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Scoring Center: Polysomnographic Features of
Sleep Disordered Breathing – UARS and RERA by Nic Butkov
技术角:乍得·艾肯(Chad Eiken)在睡眠实验室中充血性心力衰竭的重要性

卷。18, Number 3

Narcolepsy and Olfactory Dysfunction by Regina Patrick
Maternal and Infant Sleep: Realities, Research and Strategies by Libby Rosen and Leslie Arnold
Decreased Testosterone and Sleep by Komelia Deneau and Wayne Conn
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
Scoring Center: Polysomnographic Features of Sleep Disordered
Breathing - Examining Basic Scoring Definitions by Nik Butkov
Technical Corner: Sampling Rates for Recording Digital Polysomnography by Mary Jones-Parker

卷。18, Number 2

AAST Technical Guideline for Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Adherence and Follow-Up Care
Histamine and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) by Regina Patrick
Memory, Sleep and Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Mohammed Quadri
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson
评分中心:NIC BUTKOV的睡眠失调呼吸的多渗透学特征
Technical Corner: Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep by Wayne Peacock

卷。18, Number 1

里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的禁食和昼夜节律
A Brief Overview of Neurotransmitters and Sleep by Mohammed Quadri
An Introduction to Artifact Recognition Part 2 by Wayne Peacock
Seizure Mimicry by Robert Geck
Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder by Anstella Robinson
Cardiac Corner: Name that Arrhythmia by Jon Atkinson

卷。17, Number 4

多囊卵巢综合征,里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的肝脏和阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Immune System by Mohammed Quadri
An Introduction to Artifact Recognition Part 1 by Wayne Peacock
AASM评分手册常见问题解答 - 继续
Technical Corner: Perfecting the Art of Patient Hookup by Joanne Hebding
评分中心:乔恩·阿特金森(Jon Atkinson)命名那个心律失常

卷。17, Number 3

Idiopathic Recurrent Stupor by Regina Patrick
AASM评分手册常见问题解答 - 继续
Technical Corner: High Oximeter Readings on Room Air by Carolyn C. Campo
Scoring Center: Name that Arryhthmia by Jon Atkinson
Patient’s Perspective: Selecting the Right Mask for Women by Tracy R. Nasca
法律说明:NCD或LCD - 适用哪些覆盖规则?Jayme R. Matchinski

卷。17, Number 2

Impotence Drugs and Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Regina Patrick
Understanding Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography by Richard Swanson
Parasomnias: A Thin Line between Sleep and Wake by Wayne Peacock
Parasomnias and the Law: “But officer, I was asleep!” by Todd J. Swick
Technical Corner: Identifying Appropriate Equipment by Reggie Binns
评分中心:乔恩·阿特金森(Jon Atkinson)命名那个心律失常

卷。17, Number 1

Nicotine and Infant Sleep by Regina Patrick
An Overview of Supplemental Oxygen by Mary Jones-Parker
Technical Corner: AASM Scoring Manual FAQs - Part 2
Scoring Center: Scoring Cardiac Dysrhythmias - Part 2 by Jon Atkinson
Patient’s Perspective: What Women Want by Tracy R. Nasca
Legal Notes: The Impact of the Stark III Regulations
在你的系统性红斑狼疮ep Lab by Jayme R. Matchinski

卷。16, Number 4

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Diabetes by Regina Patrick
The Benefits of Heated Humidification by Edwin Cintron
Electrified Thoughts: The Early History of EEG
and American Pop Culture by Reg Hackshaw
Technical Corner: AASM Scoring Manual FAQs – Part 1
Scoring Center: Scoring Cardiac Dysrhythmias - Part 1 by Jon Atkinson

卷。16, Number 3

Allergy and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children by Regina Patrick
Pediatric Obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Wayne Peacock
Pediatric Sleep: A Growing Need by Margaret Papadakis
Increasing PAP Compliance: Helping Your Patients Succeed by Angela Marczali
Technical Corner: Tips for Working the Night Shift by Cynthia Mattice
Scoring Center: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder by Mark R. Pressman

卷。16, Number 2

A Technologist Reviews the New Scoring Manual by Angela Marczali
Depression and OSA in Patients with Coronary Disease by Regina Patrick
Clinical Implications of Pharyngeal Critical (Pcrit)
Pressure in Patients with OSA by Will Eckhardt
Technical Corner: Complex Sleep Disordered Breathing by Mary Jones-Parker
Scoring Center: Cheyne Stokes Breathing
Physician's Perspective: Pressure, Flow and Resistance by James C. O'Brien

卷。16, Number 1

反复的梦想或经常性威胁模拟?由里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)
Core Competency: Age Specific Care and Evaluation in Polysomnographic Technology
‘Quiet Wakefulness’ or Sleep Fragmentation? Changing
Patterns of Nocturnal Sleep in Early Modern America by Reg Hackshaw
New Hires: What Your Sleep Lab Should Consider by Jayme R. Matchinski
韦恩·孔雀(Wayne Peacock)保持夜间技术健康快乐
Theresa Shumard的技术角

卷。15, Number 4

APT Practice Parameter for Standard Polysomnography
里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)深度刺激和睡眠
Pulse Transit Time: A Useful Clinical Tool? by Kimberly Trotter
Inadequate Sleep and Depression by Joshua Cole
They Come From the Cortex by Will Eckhardt
Pathological Yawning by Joanne Hebding

卷。15, Number 3

Can We Learn While Sleeping? by Reg Hackshaw
You May Be Losing Your Hearing As You Sleep by Regina Patrick
里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的心脏起搏和睡眠失调
Sleep and the Immune System by Edwin Cintron and Kornelia Deneau
A2Zzz Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
HIPAA Compliance in the Sleep Lab by Jayme R. Matchinski

卷。15, Number 2

Dealing with Difficult Patients in a Sleep Center by Brendan Duffy
The Impact of Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation
Jayme R. Matchinski的睡眠实验室条款
Two Centuries of Unusual Patented Device Remedies for Insomnia by Reg Hackshaw
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by Kimberly Trotter
Bright Light and Menstrual Difficulties Regina Patrick
Your Role in Public Awareness by Joshua Cole

卷。15, Number 1

什么是血气?由威尔·埃克哈特(Will Eckhardt)
Breast Cancer and Night Shift Work by Regina Patrick
What Sleep Labs and DME Providers Should Know About
the DME Competitive Bidding Program by Jayme R. Matchinski
睡眠损失等于Edwin Cintron的体重增加
A2Zzzz Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
Resumes and Curriculum Vitae: A Potential Employer’s First Impression by Joshua Cole

卷。14, Number 3

CPAP Desensitization in the Sleep Lab by Kimberly Trotter
High School Athletics and the Sleepy Teen Athlete by Brendan Duffy
里贾纳·帕特里克(Regina Patrick)的睡眠呼吸暂停和怀孕
Negotiating Managed Care Contracts: Key Points
for Sleep Disorder Centers by Jayme R. Matchinski
A2Zzzz Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker

卷。14, Number 2

Nutrition and Sleep Disorders by Regina Patrick
Actigraphy Usage by Wayne Peacock
马克·A·迪普希里波(Mark A. Diphillipo)的问答
A2Zzzz Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
The Job Interview by Joshua Cole

卷。14, Number 1

Ventilatory Control and the Thoracic Pump by Will Eckhardt
Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death: Can a Cultural Interpretation Provide Clues? by Reg Hackshaw
Standardized Nursing Language for Sleep by Regina Ledford
The Strategic Uses of Sleep Deprivation by Regina Patrick
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Disturbed Sleep in Pediatric Populations by Patrick Sorenson
米歇尔·帕维尔斯基(Michelle Pavelski)的咖啡因
Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
电子病历和您的睡眠实验室作者:Jayme R. Matchinski

卷。13, Number 4

Ghrelin and Sleep Apnea by Regina Patrick
The Dangers of Untreated Sleep-Related Breathing
Disorders Finally Recognized by the Mainstream Media? by Iain Boyle
Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
Will Eckhardt的Modafinil和CPAP治疗
Iain Boyle的季节性情感障碍
key Provisions to Consider for a Medical Director Contract by Jayme R. Matchinski

卷。13, Number 3

Patients from Sleep Institute — Federal University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome and Sleep by Regina Patrick
Federal Court Overturns Hours of Service Rules
Examples of Dissociated Sleep by Reg Hackshaw
Math 101 for Sleep Technologists by Laura Linley and Robert Pamenter

卷。13, Number 2

电气起搏器改善埃德温·辛特隆(Edwin Cintron)的睡眠呼吸暂停综合症
Business Practices for the Sleep Technologist by Michael J. Breus
Child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Part II by Dr. David Harrell
Lateral Pharyngoplasty: A New Surgery for Sleep Apnea by Regina Patrick
Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker

卷。13, Number 1

埃德温·辛特隆(Edwin Cintron)的脉搏血氧饱和度的局限性
Can’t I Just Take a Pill For It? by Regina Patrick
Help Treat Sleep Problems of Autistic Children: Part I by David Harrell
Technical Corner by Mary Jones-Parker
Seeing Clearly: Optimize Your Monitor Settings by Andrew Korbel